Team, contact, profile and facilities

Institute's facts

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Gundelsweiler is head of the Institute of Design and Production in Precision Engineering (IKFF) since 2018.
  • The institute was founded in 1967, with the University of Stuttgart having a rich tradition in precision engineering research.
  • Approximately 20 persons are currently working at the IKFF.
  • The institute is part of Faculty 7 (Engineering Design, Production Engineering and Automotive Engineering), located on the university's campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.
  • All of the IKFF's facilities are on the 4th floor of Pfaffenwaldring 9.


  • Metrology lab: Laser interferometer system, measurement data registration systems, confocal microscope, optical microscopes, coordinate tables, motion pick-up systems, etc.
  • Workshop including a CNC-milling machine.
  • Electronic lab.
  • Surface quality measuring device (Hommel T8000), 3D coordinate measuring machine (Zeiss prismo).
  • 2 injection molding machines.
  • 2D and 3D CAD-Software, electronic layout software, FEM software, simulation tool for injection molding, software tools for analysing flow and electromagnetic problems.
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