Bachelor Studies at the IKFF

The IKFF offers lectures for various bachelor programs in engineering sciences.

At the moment all our lectures and examinations are held in German.

In the third semester, the study courses Mechanical Engineering and Vehicle and Engine Technology offer a choice in the fourth semester core module Design Theory.

In the fifth semester, the supplementary module Device Design and Manufacturing in Precision Engineering can be chosen in the Bachelor's degree programs Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Technology Management.

The third and fourth semesters of Mechanical Engineering Design and Vehicle and Engine Technology can be chosen to be oriented either toward mechanical engineering or precision engineering. Of course, the training is not completely different in the two parallel courses.

  • Excerpt from the module manuals Mechanical Engineering and Vehicle and Engine Technology of the University of Stuttgart

  • Introduction to the Module Design III / IV - Precision Engineering (slides of the introductory event)

Please register in the C @ MPUS for the lecture and exercises for this module. You can also register after the first lecture / exercise date in the first lecture week. 

The main focuses are the following topics:

Design III - Precision Engineering

  • Axles

  • Bearings and guides (plain bearings, roller bearings, air bearings, sliding guides, roller guides, spring guides, flow guides)

  • Gear transmission (gear geometry, characteristics, calculation, engagement and overlap, operating behavior, profile shift, gearbox tolerances, Kutzbach plan)

  • Coupling gear (degrees of freedom, four-bar chain, kinematic analysis, gear synthesis)

  • Traction mechanism (toothed belt transmission)

  • Rotation-translation converters (rack gears, belts and belt drives, sliding screw drives, rolling screw operations, special forms)

  • Couplings (fixed, compensating, switchable, self-switching)

Design theory IV - precision engineering

  • Electromechanical functional groups and actuators 
    Electromagnets, stepper motors, continuous rotary motors and linear motors, piezoelectric actuators, magnetostrictive actuators, actuating technology based on thermal effects

  • Optical functional groups 
    Apertures, hatches, pupils and necessary cross sections in optical devices, construction of optical functional groups

  • Functional groups of the measuring technology 

Length measuring devices, load cells

  • Methodology of device development 
    Product planning, p
    reparation, conceptualizing, drafting, developing 
    For the design methodology, a comprehensive assembly or device development is practised on a somewhat unusual task and the solution is also implemented in practice in the form of a
    design competition integrated into the course and tested in comparison to other student solutions.

The module, including exercises with a total of 12 ECTS, starts in the winter semester.
The teaching materials can be found in 

The lecture deals with the fundamentals of the development and construction of precision engineering systems and devices, emphasizing in particular the close connection between constructive design and associated manufacturing technology. 
The focus is on the following topics:

  • Methodology of device development, methodical approaches to creative solution finding

  • Accuracy and error behavior in devices, precision device technology 
    (requirements and
    construction of precise devices and machines)

  • Tolerance calculation, tolerance analysis

  • Reliability and safety of equipment 
    (construction in accordance with reliability and safety requirements)

  • Relationships between the device and the environment

  • Vibration damping and noise reduction in the device technology

  • Thermal situation in devices

The lecture, including exercises with 6 ECTS, is offered every year in the winter semester.
The teaching materials can be found in 


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